Prishtina Travel  was established in May, 2000, by Mr. Nuri Bahtijari, an expert in the air transport business, with experience more than 27 years. The mission was to organize trips for individuals and groups, but with time we mainstreamed into selling airline tickets from/to most airports in the world.

Mr.Nuri Bahtijari is familiar with airport procedures, as well as with passenger and cargo handling and ticketing in international air traffic.

Mr. Nuri Bahtijari finished successfully all training courses related to the ground operations. Was assigned duties for all responsibilities in Ground Operation starting from Help Desk Agent to Coordinator, Station Manager for most air company. Hi is familiar with all processes an procedures for passenger and cargo handling  as well as capable for airline security operations.


                Passenger and Baggage Handling 4.8.1

               Amadeus Functionalities -Course

               Basic Fares and Ticketing 4.6.1

               Dangerous Goods 434.1.200

              Basic Cargo Course 4.3.0

              Cargo Handling Course 4.9.1

                  Certificate for Travel Doc. Awareness/Schengen Convention

                  Certificate  of Recognition ---De/Anti-Icing of A/C on the ground

             Certificate of training in Microsoft excel xp

                  Certificate of training in Microsoft word xp

We are directly connected to Amadeus, the most known global distribution system (GDS) in the world, for instant ticket reservations and any necessary modifications thereof.

Our web-site is a presentation in a very valuable medium, as we see everything merging with the Internet. Visitors are now able to search for up-to-date flights and book tickets accordingly. Our efforts to improve are never-ending, so if you have any comments please do not hesitate to write to us at  



Mr.Nuri Bahtijar


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